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Event Details
Ice Weasel VI- Now We Are Six Event date: February 19th, 2011
Hosted by Barony of Smoking Rocks - Fall RIver, MA
Event Last Modified: February 7th, 2011
Event details
The more it snows..tiddley pom...

Welcome to the latest installment of Ice Weasel.
As usual, this year's seriously, scholarly theme is "Now We are Six."
As usual, the event can be summed up as "A smack and a nosh."
This year, in defernce to our theme, we will have a "Heffalumps and Woozles Pit" Heavy List tournament.
Also, in keeping with our theme, the rules for this game will be made up by the participants more or less before the start of the tournament
With enough time and interest, we will do some melee fighting and training, and hopefully the first "1/100th of an Acre Woods Battle".

Hearty dayboard will be served, some of it actually within reach of the combatants.
And there will be supper.
As supper will be prepared by Lord Fergus "Go Big or Go Home" Redmead, under the very, very watchful eye of Lady Molly Blythe, you can be assured that
"Supper" be hearty. 

Day board:
knotted biscuits
Sausages and gravy
Chicken pottage
Hard boiled eggs
Pickled eggs
Fresh fruit and cheese
Sliced pepperoni.


Cheese and onion tarts
Bread with honey butter
Vegetable pottage
Roasted veggies
Prime rib
Bread pudding
Baked apple

If you are not inclined to stand hip deep in snow getting brained with a stick, Lady Alys Atwater has had her fellow artisans put together a series of
classes to intrigue and astound.

Stained Glass 12-2 ($5 material fee)
Clothing by Aceline 12-1
Blackwork by Elaine 1-2
Queen's Favor's by Nest 2-3
Knitting by Margarite 2-3
Fingerlooping by Alys 3-4
Tailor's Guild Meeting 3-4

Fracti Modi, the rocks stars of the 12th Century will be in attendence, and will be playing what they want, when they want and probably how they want.

Court will be held.  Baroness Nest has an excellent track record for holding amusing and brief courts. 

Quickly gaining the reputation of the East Kingdom's best "Estrella Pity Party" we cannot promise the pagentry or the balmy tempatures of that Crusade, but
we will refund your gate fee if you find a scorpion in your boots.

Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 8 PM

Event Website: http://smokingrocks.eastkingdom.org/

Event Location
King Philip Lodge, AF&AM
152 Columbus Drive
Fall RIver, MA  02720

King Philip Lodge, AF&AM, 152 Columbus Drive, Fall River, MA 02720
Please use Mapquest or GPS device.  The Weaselcrat will just get you hopelessly lost.

Oh, and the site is Bone- Dry. 

Event Fees
Site : Site Fee is $7.  Non-member surcharge (Imperial Taxes) are $5.
Children under six are free.  And children aged twelve.  And children between 6 and 12.
There is a family cap of $40 (Site and Supper) and $20 for site only. 

Feast: Supper is $10.  Being Cranky at Supper is an additonal $2.  Dayboard is included in the site fee.

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Smoking Rocks

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Ken Howe
213 Central Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02745
508-995-5389.  Please leave a message.  Before 9 PM. 

Send Reservations to:
As there was a few technical glitches we are accepting unpaid reservations.  When was the last time you saw that in an Event announcement?
Reservations can be sent to:

Ken Howe
213 Central Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02745
508-995-5389.  Please leave a message.  Before 9 PM. 
Please do not call during the day, we have a household member who works 3rd shift.

Other Contact Information:
Merchants are welcome.  To be clear:  Merchants are not charged for space or tables, but will be charged for attendence.  And supper, if they stay to eat.

Lady Sabina du Pont de Reynard will host Children s' activities. 

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