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Brigantia Principal Herald
Brigantia Herald acts as advisor in heraldic matters to the Crown and subjects of the Kingdom. They also supervise Field Heraldry and Court Heraldry at Kingdom Events, Kingdom activities for the College of Arms and ensure that the Order of Precedence is made available.
College of Heralds Website: http://herald.eastkingdom.org/
Blue Tyger Herald Website:http://bth.eastkingdom.org
Order of Precedence Website: http://op.eastkingdom.org/
Ask a Herald: Website survey
Brigantia Principal Herald (Chief Heraldic Officer): Master Ryan McWhyte Click to send email
Badger Herald (Tir Mara Crown Principality Deputy): AotroĆ¹ (Lord) Conogan mab Rioc, the Breton Click to send email
Eastern Crown Herald (Submissions deputy): Click to send email
Blue Tyger Herald (External Submissions Deputy): Mistress Alys Mackyntoich Click to send email
Clerk of the Polling Lists: Duchess Katherine Stanhope Click to send email
Dextrochere Herald (Special Projects Deputy): Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah Click to send email
Diademe Herald (Assistant Internal Submissions Deputy): Lady Lillia de Vaux Click to send email
Elmet Herald (Heraldic Education): Yehuda ben Moshe Click to send email
Maunche Herald (Regalia and Display Deputy): Baroness Lisl Luder Click to send email
Mural Herald (Notification Deputy): Mari Clock van Hoorne Click to send email
Pallet Herald (Heraldic Art Deputy): Master Lyle fitzWilliam Click to send email
Shepherd's Crook Herald (Order of Precedence): Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon Click to send email
Standard Herald (Website Deputy): Lord Lorenz Greylever Click to send email
Troubadour Herald (Tourney Deputy): Baron Rowen Cloteworthy Click to send email
Vox Regis Herald (Royal Court Deputy): Don Malcolm Bowman Click to send email

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